Deposits are non-refundable, a deposit signifies that you are interested in the purchase of a hedgehog and will result in us holding the hedgehog for you.


Deposit amount of $25 is subtracted from the total price of the hedgehog at the time of pick up.


If you will be unable to pick up your hedgehog at the pre-arranged date/time (to be determined via email between the customer and Heartfelt Hedgehogs after deposit is made), then a 12 hour notice will need to be given to Heartfelt Hedgehogs. A rescheduled pick up time and date may be made.


If any hedgehogs are not picked up at the pre-arranged time, picked up at the rescheduled time, or 12 hour notification prior to the pick-up time is not given then the hedgehog will be considered available for purchase to the next interested party. The $25 deposit will remain on account at Heartfelt Hedgehogs for a period of 3 months and can be used toward a different hedgehog.


If the hedgehog becomes unavailable for purchase after the deposit is made it is at the customer’s discretion as to whether they want a refund or for the deposit to remain a credit toward another hedgehog.