It is recommended that hedgehogs are fed a diet formulated specifically for the species, premium limited ingredient dry cat food, or mixtures of each. 


We have attempted to feed a pelleted formula, Vita,  offered by Sunseed, but we had difficulty switching our adult hedgehogs over to this. If a hedgehog formulated diet is something you would like to feed, we do highly recommend trying Spike's Delight or Sunseed.


Our hedgehogs tend to prefer Diamond Naturals Cat Formula, 4-Health Cat, or Purina Naturals. We full feed all of our hedgehogs, they have access to food 24/7. We have had no issues with our hedgehogs becoming overweight.


We wean our babies crushed food, we blend it in a blender until it has a crumb texture. We generally wean babies onto just the adult food before they leave, but smaller babies may still be eating some baby mix.


High quality supplements are recommended in very small quantities. Choices include: unseasoned scrambled egg, cooked chicken, mealworms, small crickets, good quality canned cat food, etc. We offer treats to all of our hedgehogs Tuesday, Thursday, and Sundays, and mix meal worms into their food everyday. Their favorites are Whiskas Brand Canned Cat Food, chicken, and mealworms.

Diamond Active Cat Formula
Diamond Active Cat Formula


Our hedgehogs are trained to drink from water valves. We feel that water valves or bottles help to ensure that clean, fresh water is available at all times. The bottles also greatly help to make sure that the bedding remains dry and to help monitor how much the hedgehogs are drinking.


We do suggest to use a water dish for the first few weeks in addition to a bottle, so the babies can get used to their new water a bit easier.