Hedgehog Deposit and Adoption

Q. Do I need to contact you prior to placing a deposit?

-A. There is no need to contact us prior to placing a deposit once you have made your selection. We can set up the appointment the week before you are available to meet. 


Q. Our family is unsure if we meet the requirements for adopting a hedgehog. What do you require for adopters?

-A. Our only requirement, in addition to our Purchase Agreement, is that adopters find a veterinarian that treats hedgehogs within their area before adopting. 


Q. I am interested in purchasing a hedgehog, but it is so hard to choose from just a picture. What do you recommend?

-A. We welcome customers to contact us with personality questions regarding babies, we will be happy to help find a baby that meets your expectations. We can give you the best indication to the hedgie with the most promising personality. We usually bring a few babies to pickup for you to decide between.


Q. If I place a deposit on a hedgehog am I required to adopt that specific baby?

-A. Definitely not! We realize how difficult picking a baby in person can be, let alone picking a baby from just a picture online.  When we meet you will be able to choose from the available babies that we have.


Q. What do I need to bring with me when I visit to pick up my baby?

-A. A box, carrier, or something similar to take your hedgie home in and your method of payment. We do sell supplies but recommend contacting us so we can have them ready to go or available for you to look at.


Q. What do you recommend our family purchase for the little one?

-A. A cage and accessories, even if not from us. We try to keep the cost of our supplies below the price of what you would find at our local pet stores. We do offer cage sets. This contains all of things you will need to have for your hedgehog baby, and saves you the time of price checking or running to several stores to purchase items.


Q. I see dots of bright colors on the hedgies in your pictures, what is this?

-A. We mark all of our hedgehogs with a nontoxic marking paint, this ensures that each hedgehog can be easily identified within our herd and within our available babies. Once you adopt your baby this paint can be easily removed after a bath by gently pulling on the paint with tweezers, but the paint doesn’t bother the hedgehog if you decide to let it just wear off naturally. As of May 2021 all hedgehogs will be microchipped for permanent identification. 


Q. There were several babies in the litter, why are only a few available for purchase?

-A. Occasionally there is mortality in the litter (Usually before 2 weeks old) and these babies may not have any pictures posted. Once babies are weaned we rate them based on our breeding scale. We may keep a baby for future breeding. We list the remaining babies for deposits, and babies usually go pretty quickly. There are usually a few breeding quality hedgies per litter. Some of these may be chosen by fellow breeders, or purchased by customers. After the babies become teens we may end up keeping a few more breeding quality hedgies, and lower the prices on remaining babies.


Q. I am looking for a specific color and sex, what are my options?

-A. If you don’t see a baby that fits your needs, contact us. We usually have a few litters born per month so we may have a baby coming up that you would prefer.


Q. I have contacted you, but haven’t heard back.

-A. Contact us again if possible, sometimes emails accidentally get deleted or I might accidentally skip over an email when replying. We both also work full time, and care for our small family farm. We also have 3 little ones so things can get a bit hectic at times. You are NEVER bothering us, if you don't hear back please email me again!


We receive about 150 emails a day between those interested in babies, updates from hedgehog owners, those who have questions about hedgehogs, even if not purchased from us so it may take us a bit to reply back to everyone quickly and accurately.


Q. Why don’t you have more pictures of all the hedgehog babies?

-A. We try our hardest to keep pictures up to date, please keep in mind how difficult it sometimes is to capture a hedgehogs personality through a picture. When we take pictures it usually takes about 25 minutes to take 100 pictures of a single little one, with 3 or 4 pictures that are clear and capture the baby’s personality. If we have 15 babies it could take us several hours, over a few days time, by the time we narrow down the choices and post the babies pictures.