Our Herd at Heartfelt Hedgehogs

Our Female Breeding Stock

Our Male Breeding Stock


Our herd currently consists of Algerian and White Belly: Black, Grey, Chocolate, Brown, Cinnamon Cinnicot, Apricot, and Champagne colors. We have pintos, snowflakes, bandanas, and split face patterns as well. Our hedgies are members of our families and we go to great measures to ensure a high quality of life for them.


Our recently remodeled "Hedgie Room" is isolated to help maintain the proper temperature and humidity levels. This also allows the interaction between our other animals and hedgies to be well supervised, and to keep the room as peaceful as possible for our little ones.


Since our remodel it takes us about an hour a day to clean and feed everyone (unless it is a sanitation, bath, or weigh day). We spend additional time with each hedgie everyday to ensure they remain socialized and lovable. Our hedgehogs listen to the radio, the stations change depending on the day. They listen to pop, country, and classical. What refined hedgies we have!


The health and well being of our hedgies is our #1 priority. We refuse to over breed females, as their health and happiness is our primary concern. With health being a primary concern we have an account set up in case of any medical emergencies or care our hedgies require. These are members of our family! 


A major benefit of having a smaller herd is that our hedgies get the attention that they need and are very socialized.