Available Hedgehogs: Rescues

We will take in/rescue hedgehogs that need care or just need to find a new home. We will then rehome hedgehogs and do our best to place them into loving homes. Hedgehogs are listed here as they become available.



BunBun was fed an improper diet of kitten food and is overweight. She was in a tiny cage and I don't think she had much playtime, but was picked on by the family's children. I am so happy I could take her in and provide a safe landing until she finds her forever home. She will need to be kept on a measured diet and provided access to a wheel. She loves to explore and over time should be able to get her weight down. She seems to be about 1.5 years old. She is a white with a few light pinto patches.

Adoption Fee: 
 $30 at pickup





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